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Welcome to the LJ Slimy Community!

The *Other* Otherkin

The LJ Slimies Community
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Anybody , Moderated

What is a Slimy?

Hello and welcome to the LJ Slimy Community. But what is a slimy, I hear you ask? Well, every once in a while a person is born who just doesn't fit in. They know that they're different somehow, but are not quite sure how. And then maybe one day they're watching something on the Discovery Channel and they see a nice slimy centipede crawling across a log and it dawns on them: they were born the wrong species!

slimies is the place for these fun loving if slightly disgusting individuals to come and frolic together. Swap stories with other insects, worms, snakes, snails, spiders, parasites, and generally icky critters. Share tips on constructing or buying a slimesuit. Discuss society's anti-slimy and pro-Furry bias with other survivors of the ongoing slimacaust. But most important, just be your slimy self around other slimy people in a judgment-free, tolerant, happy place.

The Rules

My name is hardvice, and I'm a happy, self-actualised tapeworm. I'm one of your moderators here in slimies, and I'd like to help make sure everyone has a fun and above all safe time here. This community is for every slimy, and setting some ground rules first will help make sure everyone enjoys themselves. There's way too much drama out there already, and slimies are so persecuted that this community can only work if we all band together hand in hand, or at least antenna in tentacle. With that in mind, here's a few quick rules to make sure everyone gets along smashingly:

  1. No judgment! If you are a scorpion and somebody else is a pinworm, you're still all happy e-pals here in slimies, even though you could, like, totally kick his slimy ass IRL.

  2. Off topic posts will probably be deleted, but we're pretty generous. After all, if it's important to your slimy self, it's probably important to a lot of your slimy pals!

  3. No harassment! We all came here to get away from the mean world that won't let us revel in our, uh, slimitude, so it only makes sense that we pick on none of our own, be he (or she!) crustacean, arthropod, insect, flatworm, arachnid, reptile, fungus, or bivalve. Slimies stand together, even those that don't stand so much as, y'know, crawl around on their bellies or whatever.

  4. NSFW images and posts should always be behind a lj-cut and contain an age warning! If you don't know how to do a LJ cut, you do it like this: before the unseemly part, type something like <lj-cut text="Click here for hot stinkbug porn! Rated NC-17"> and at the end put </lj-cut>. If you have trouble remembering, you can always come back here and copy it, but be sure to change the part about stinkbug porn or people will be confused. Unless, of course, you're posting stinkbug porn, in which case you're good to go!

  5. Above all else, HAVE FUN!

About Cybersquishing

"Squishing" is a very special activity slimies share where we rub around on, crawl across, and generally ooze on one another. When two (or more) slimies love each other very much, squishing is the best way to share that love! That said, there's a time and a place for everything, and "cybersquishing", or "virtual" squishing with an online pal should be done in private—either in your own journal or through an instant messenger. If you decide to post a mass-cyberquish to the community, be sure to use a LJ-Cut and label it appropriately with a rating. Also, put "Squish" in the subject, like this "SQUISH: Open to all invertebrates. No reptiles, lol!"

Slimies are Squishing Love. Click to join

add this banner to your journal! Cut and paste:

<center><a style="text-decoration: none;" href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=slimies"><img src="http://www.hardvice.net/LJ/slimebar.jpg"><br />
Slimies are Squishing Love. Click to join <lj comm="slimies"></a></center>
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